Data-Driven in Social Media – General Assembly Panel

I had the great pleasure to help organise this free community event in cooperation with General Assembly because providing platform for marketers to connect and learn is something I strongly believe is part of our mission with Keboola.

The Singapore event was our third one, after Sydney and Melbourne in 2015 and we have one more coming up today in Hong Kong and all tickets are already booked out days in advance! 

Our focus was to build panel from experts to provide different perspectives on all things related to social media measurement. Different points of view tend to provide controversy, which I believe is gasoline poured on fire of innovation. 

In Singapore we hosted great panel moderated by Vicky Truong of Hootsuite.


Siim Sainas, GM at Statsit market research company, demonstrated his points on the wealth of data available on the social web and what can be mined using advanced analytical approaches to understand consumer behaviour. 

Stephen Tracy, Data & Insights Lead at Sapien Nitro, talked about the importance of getting visualisation right by providing hilarious and scary examples. Make sure to visit his blog where he talks in depth on the topic. 

Rainbow Cheung, Strategic Accounts Manager at Socialbakers, provided great examples of measurement frameworks and benchmarking in the social media space. 

And myself, representing Keboola, ranted about the importance of breaking silos in organisation and the ultimate challenges of data integration as a topic which is very dear to us. 

If you have been, let us know in comments how it went.
If you think this is a topic you are interested in, let us know, as we are considering making this recurring event, bringing you different speakers every time. 
If you are in Hong Kong today and didn’t register in time, let me know!