List of Custom Data Connectors Available


In Keboola we value freedom and we build our platform to be agnostic of data sources. With Keboola you don’t pay connecting new data sources, that’s part of the license. If that is not sweet enough, here this, you can configure all of these without programming in couple of hours. Yes you read that correctly, couple hours to set up new data source, not months which is industry standard.


If you want to see something seriously cool, ask us about generic data connector..


Data connectors are fundamental part of ETL platform. Unfortunatelly most, lets call them traditional, enterprise ETL tools are built as an extension data warehouse (DWH) serving as a single data source. As a consequence fees for new connectors are hefty and waiting times are unacceptable by today standards. Simply they don’t match up the changing environment where for example lots of technology is now owned by marketing department directly and data from different cloud based advertising and reporting tools never even make it to company’s DWH.


Keboola Connection has different approach. Our data connectors (70 at the moment) are free to use for every client and user of Keboola, and are very easy to configure. The set up typically takes only couple of hours, where as in traditional BI if you get new connector done in two months you can consider yourself lucky.


Special mention goest to our ‘silver bullet’ of data connectors – The Generic REST API Data Connector. It funcionally extends the list of data connectors readily available from 70+ to 180.000+. And it is even easier to set up. Do we need to say more?