We understand that every client comes with their specific objectives and problems as well as different set of skills in their team. Our team takes a customised approach for every project.


We deliver end-to-end BI implementations. Similar to our platform, every implementation is agile. We play with existing technologies already owned by clients and can do partial installations which may just include data integration and mapping, or end-to-end projects including visualisation.


Some of our clients come with full-fledged teams which include business analysts, coders and ETL experts, all the way to heavy weight data scientists.


Kebola Connection is intended as a self-service platform and, in this case, we are happy to only provide guidance and best practice. We love independent, enabled and empowered clients.


We strive to build an active and well-oiled ecosystem of partners. We operate across Asia and having implementation and consulting partners in all major markets is key to our customers’ success.


Interested in advanced techniques, such as Natural Language Processing, Predictive or Propensity data modelling, but don’t have in-house data scientist for that? Don’t worry, our partners can help you out!