Keboola Connection – Data Preparation Platform

Keboola is more than just a platform. Check out our services.

The purpose of Keboola Connection is to provide an agile and affordable data integration framework.


Keboola Connection is a hybrid cloud-based set of integrated tools which supports the whole data workflow process, from the point of data extraction, preparation, cleaning, warehousing and all the way to its integration, enrichment and loading.


The basic framework is provided by Keboola and can be extended with third party components at all stages of the process – the best example being Machine Learning or Data augmentation component (Weather, Geo, Basket Analyses, etc.) applications – and seamlessly integrated within one environment.

Key Propositions

All your business data in one place


Integrate new data sources with unexpected ease and choose to only keep the data that really matters. Clean it effortlessly, analyse it and share it without limitations, and visualise it in the BI of your choice.

Sustainability and scalability


Keboola Connection is designed to grow with your business and adapt to your changing needs. No data is too small or too big and you get to leverage AWS cloud-based platform and only pay for what you really use.

Full control and automation


Think ETL as a managed service. As the result, your team will be able to focus on value creation and real business problems only, instead of menial and routine tasks of data mapping and hygiene.

Advanced analytics and Data Science


The marketplace for ready-to-deploy analytical applications. The open and agile environment fits companies of all sizes and shapes. It enables both internal teams as well as experts to collaborate with partners and third parties.



How does it work ?


Data Connectors


Help get all your data in one place


See full list of Data Connectors


With Keboola you can instantly extract data from more than 170,000 different sources with no programming necessary.


• More than 70 pre-built custom data connectors, ranging from marketing to finance applications, with UI. Clients with development resources can also build their own.


• REST API data connector, configurable for thousands more data sources in a matter of mere hours!


• Ability to flexibly pull all data from required sources and select metrics; no one-size-fits-all solutions.




Secure data warehouse with full rollback function


Storage API receives data from data connectors and stores it securely for further operations.


• The data can then be accessible for transformation, such as data blending, mashing up and augmentation, via direct access into Storage API with a valid token.


• Internal tasks are conducted in isolated environment for security reasons and all of their actions are being logged for audit purposes.
This log is visible and searchable to all users of the project and offers full rollback function.




Transformation is essentially data manipulation, cleaning, joining and unifying prepared in SQL, R or Python.


• KBC uses engines best suited for the nature of each task, such as MySQL, Redshift or Snowflake.


• Sandbox is instantly available to you with a copy of data, so you can experiment anytime you want without worrying about losing the core data.


• Transformations can be re-used and shared among projects.


Data Load


Data Load take the enriched and processed data, help identify and describe it and load it into its final destination.


See full list of Data Load


• We hate limitations and believe in customer’s freedom to choose the right consumption point for each project and use case. Keboola is agnostic on the input as well as on the output. Some of the most popular data loads currently supported are GoodData, Tableau, YellowFin, Redshift, Oracle database, Dropbox, Amazon S3, MySQL, ElasticSearch and Google Drive.


• “Full circle” concept. We believe that a new value is not always created by loading data to dashboard. In some use case, for example advanced segmentation of customer base, it is useful for creating a new mailing list or custom audience in marketing automation tools, so we also let you send your enriched data there. Like with Data Connectors, there is no limitation to where you can send your data.


Orchestrations & Jobs


Run the tasks, control updating, transforming and loading data


• Once data flow is set up, Orchestrations take care of running the whole sequence – automatic data updating, transforming and loading.


• Occasional hiccups like credential expirations are easy to spot.


• Jobs keep track of all tasks and help oversee performance of all components. It means that transparent security mechanisms are in place throughout the whole process.




Integrated marketplace with ‘ready to deploy’ data science applications. You can:


See full list of Data Science Applications


• Use pre-built apps to help perform various types of analysis, from data type assistant finder and anomaly detection to basket analysis or churn prediction, free of charge. They can be released with only a couple of clicks.


• We can prepare custom algorithms for you. You can even use your own solutions, thanks to the docker image’s help.


• Privately deploy your own scripts.


• You can also use third party services, such as Geneea available in Keboola, to leverage Natural Language Processing and machine learning algorithms on your unstructured data.

Keboola is more than just a platform. Check out our services.