Datadriven.SG hackathon & ultimate analytics workshop DataGirls by Keboola Singapore

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To us, it’s pretty clear. We are a tech company. Our business is to make your business more effective and we do it by enabling teams via our technology to connect data faster and easier and therefore cheaper than ever before.

 The important part of our mindset is the word enablement. While technology is a great tool, it is only a vehicle and only part of the solution. The vehicle is important, but how useful it will be is determined by the skills of its driver. The solution starts and ends with people and technology should only be there to assist them.

 That’s what we realised when we first started playing with the idea of organising our own hackathon as means of supporting the data science and analytics community.


Fast forward few months and as I am typing this we are 48 hours before we open the door of our inaugural #DatadrivenSG Hackathon. Ours isn’t a usual hackathon though. We are not focusing on programmers or engineers, but on the community of data scientists, business analysts and data visualisation specialists. Our event also has two very different tracks:

The #DatadrivenSG hackathon itself which is focused on more experienced experts and generally professionals, although approximately 20% of registered hackers are currently studying. We are trying to make this event very different by bringing real (and very cool) business data together with real problems and challenges these organisations are facing.


Second track is called Data Girls. Staying true to our ‘enablement’ theme we are organising free workshop for 100 women and girls who are eager to get an introduction to the world of data analytics, which in all fairness is very traditionally male domain and possibly also kickstart a new career. Long story short, we believe that diversity will benefit our industry and we are making this our cause. We wrote more about Data Girls here.  


Data Girls Brno, Czech Republic

Both of these tracks are equally important. Creating a playground for the pros as well as guidance to the newbies goes in our minds hand in hand and is something we really, really enjoy doing. We organised this event on relatively short timeline (read: agile) and in only thirty days we saw an absolutely stunning number of 550 registrations! (!!)   

Essential part of this event are our partners without whom this wouldn’t be possible and here goes a huge thank you to all who supported the idea! Our TECH partner providing great tools to play with, especially if it isn’t something you get to use on daily basis, include Tableau, YellowFin BI, Qlik, Geneea, AWS, Google Cloud and our own Keboola Connection. We really went out of our way and made sure we will have some real business data and well defined business problems the hackers will be able to tackle. We were able to convince some of our customers and partners to provide great datasets, for example Skyscanner, Property Guru, Digimind, YouGov or Linkedin!


Other partners we would like to extend our thanks to are helping us with sharing their knowledge through set of workshops which will run in parallel with the main hackathon track on Saturday, include: Sparkline, Xpand, Minerra. Very special mention goes to the ladies behind the CodingGirls and without whom our Data Girls would not have taken off so much. Last but not least we would like to mention NUS Enterprise who is kindly sharing their facilities with us for the weekend!

hangar NUS keboola datadriven hacakthon

NUS Enterprise Hangar, location of #DatadrivenSG

The original data hackathon idea was centred around the community and not to turn it into sales event or business meet-up as that could be quite awkward. We originally didn’t plan any awards and were thinking internet fame will be more than enough, but oh well that got out the hand as well. So now there is some really cool swag to be won as well.     


We are yet to see how will this weekend work out, but we already have future plans. We would like to bring this type of event to Australia and Hong Kong in 2017, if you are in those markets and somehow interested in collaboration do reach out! Most overwhelming was the interest in Data Girls so we are looking to make it regular affair in Singapore and in 2017 we have set a not too shabby goal To boot up 500+ regular girls in our entry level workshops to Data Girls! (Keep an eye on this space)  


Wish us luck (we will need it) and follow us on Facebook or Twitter (while that’s still a thing), Hashtag #DatadrivenSG

Pavel Bulowski

#DatadrivenSG & Keboola Singapore