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Adam Votava

Founder & Data scientist

aLook Analytics

aLook /eɪˈlʊk/ is a data science company formed by enthusiastic, young yet experienced professionals. We use our knowledge of modern analytical approaches, command of wide spectre of tools and business acumen to come up with tailor-made solutions that aim at increasing performance of our clients’ businesses. We work across industries and are happy to provide our clients with services, ranging from building stand-alone machine learning models to development of complex data science solutions.

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Simon Lee
Global Business Director


As the digital marketing landscape become more dynamic, it is critical that marketers use data-driven insights to best optimize their marketing investments. Springworks unleash the power of the analytics solution to help companies improve site performance and connect more directly with their current and prospective customers.

We provide value realization engagements focused on profiling and segmenting target audiences to optimize multi-channel marketing initiatives. These experiences align with key business challenges related to improving site traffic conversions, identifying product affinity patterns, and influencing purchase decisions across multiple platforms simultaneously.

Tom Edmonds
Director Product & Strategy at Asia Pacific Digital


After the best part of two decades in the business, we’ve formed APD because together we are stronger. Together we deliver digital growth. Together we create a 360-degree picture for clients across South-East Asia, Australasia and Greater China. Our clients come from industries such as automotive, global consumer brands, telcos, eCommerce leaders and include many iconic names. We partner with them to nurture their success.

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Vinoaj Vijeyakumaar
Managing Partner & Co-Founder


Sparkline takes Digital Data and makes it relevant, tangible and actionable to businesses. Our expertise and focus is on Web, Mobile & Social Analytics.

We believe that with the right technology, proper education and the right insights, all businesses can answer their customers’ wants and needs, and provide better products, value and service. Sparkline supports companies to make the leap into a data-centric framework that will see them become more profitable, efficient & current. Sparkline is a boutique consulting firm specializing in Digital Data interpretation and optimisation in order to achieve superior returns on investment (ROI). We interpret and make relevant large digital data sets to provide companies insights into the behaviours of their customers and optimisation in marketing performance.

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Steve Remington

Principal Consultant & Founder


Minerra was formed in 2009 to offer a more versatile, business-focused approach to business intelligence and analytics for organisations. At Minerra, we make it our mission to empower people in organisations of all sizes with the knowledge, skills and tools to make informed business decisions. We help organizations enhance their abilities to access and use data to make informed decisions. We use best of breed data analysis and visualisation, reporting and dashboard tools that make it easy to visualise and analyse data, predict situations, share expertise and execute on strategic and operational-level challenges. We also work with our customers to help them develop an effective data-driven decision making culture.
Minerra is headquartered in Singapore with offices in Australia. Minerra provides systems to customers in South East Asia and Australasia.


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Reedev Taneja

Business Director

Sormen Solutions

Sormen Solutions is a Big Data and Advanced Analytics solution provider, focuses on providing consultancy and product development services around Big Data and Visualization technologies, like R, Python, Java, D3.Js, Hive, Impala, Spark to name a few. Our team comes with more than 100+ Man Years of experience in providing analytics solutions to business users from various functions and domains. With our technical and domain expertise, our consultants will help you strategize and implement Big Data and Advanced Analytics solutions as well as best practices to better manage and understand your data.


Some of the Predictive Analytics and Text Mining use cases include: Churn Prevention, Customer Lifetime Value, Next Best Action, Attribution Modeling, Up- And Cross-Selling, Product Propensity, Text Mining & Sentiment Analysis, Predictive Maintenance, Fraud Detection & Risk Modeling, Process Optimization, HR Optimization.

Glen Rabie

Yellofin BI

All BI companies can tell customers what happened. Yellowfin tells them why it happened. Yellowfin is a global Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics platform dedicated to solving real enterprise analytics challenges, and helping business people understand not only what happened, but why it happened. Founded in 2003 in response to the complexity and costs associated with implementing and using traditional BI tools, Yellowfin is a highly intuitive, 100-percent Web-based reporting and analytics platform. More than 25,000 organizations, and more than three million end-users across 75 different countries use Yellowfin every day.

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Kenneth Kwok

Managing Director

Beehive Strategy

Providing consultation services from data strategy planning, digital marketing and strategy consulting, digital optimisation and analytics services. Beehive Strategy provides expert advice and solutions on how to improve both traditional and digital channels to increase return on investment. Our goal is to help companies transform their business into the new digital era by applying data-driven methodologies to open up a new dimension and approach to manage their business both offline and online.

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Collin Ang

Managing Director

Decision Science

Decision Science Agency is a group of consultants and analysts that helps companies to improve the efficiency of digital marketing operations by focusing on digital strategy, customer experience and analytics.

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