Keboola Singapore is looking to strengthen its local team

Does data analytics make you excited the same way new Star Wars sequel does? Do you see yourself working in a highly specialized team of data solution? Is helping prospective customers resolving inefficiency bottleneck in their business process something you’d enjoy doing? Do you share the satisfaction of having a clean, rich, integrated, and real-time data all in one login like we do?  

Let’s assume you said yes in your head since you are reading on. Before you continue, let’s do a quick check if this is worth your time. For starters, we are not a typical company. Neither is this a typical role. We don’t have an office and are a completely distributed business across 8 time zones. If you are looking for a cushy corporate career-fast-track job with foosball table and three meals a day at the office, I’d recommend you swipe left on this one. Also, we would like to emphasize that we are opening two of the same roles, one in Singapore and one in Jakarta. Applicants for either need to hold a valid work permit and be residents of respective countries.

Still reading? Good, let us tell you who we are, who we think you are and who we are.


This is us

We have our roots in the Czech Republic where our proprietary data integration technology is built, this is also where part of our consulting team is based, the other half is in our business hub – Singapore.. The founding team has 8+ years of presence in Singapore and APAC market with wide range of experience from digital analytics to enterprise software.  We sell and implement new grade of data preparation (read: the boring part of Data Science and Analytics nobody likes doing) & enrichment platform called Keboola Connection in a variety of use cases. We strongly encourage you to research our product before you apply for this role.

Our clients and partners in the region range from Hong Kong to New Zealand and from startup unicorns to traditional Telco or Bank with brands, everyone can recognize.


With our services team, we have expertise and reputation for the best in class data engineering, API integration, systems automation and advanced analytics. All of these skills we already have represented in the team in superb quality and since our entire team is distributed, we emphasize processes that encourage sharing of knowledge, through regular sessions and team off-sites in Asia and Europe.


We are big on building the data community – Data-driven platform and our She Loves Data workshops that trained over 2000 women in data analytics for free..


Foremost we care about attitude more than we care about diplomas and hard skills.


This is you


As our Technical Sales Executive, you will encourage prospective customers to leave their time-consuming data handling, cut back a major part of their expenses in multiple data analytics, and move on to the more revenue-generating part of their business process. You will take up an end to end role, combining research, business development, and consultative sales execution.  


What will you have to do?

  • Conduct market research and identify target individuals and organizations.
  • Liaise with company and clients to ensure smooth cooperation while meeting or exceeding response times.
  • Cooperate in the development and execution of the sales programs and territory action plan.
  • Create and maintain a documented robust sales pipeline.
  • Create and implement new approaches that increase performance within your territory.
  • Manage numerous requests concurrently & strategically. Prioritize and deliver timely, high-quality work
  • Maintain CRM data leads, campaigns, opportunities, client KPI
  • Building and growing value based long‐term relationships with clients
  • Sell products to new and existing clients, targeting outreach and support marketing and providing quotes on demand.
  • Comfortable with telesales and ice‐breaker cold and warm calls thrives on new business sales and innovative approaches to new targets and building territory

What do you have to represent?

Minimum 3 years of technology related sales, business development, or sales engineering/consulting experience

  • We don’t care about degrees, but you should demonstrate you interest in technology.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and an ability to influence others internally and externally
  • Previous sales experience with a terrific perspective on connecting with customers and building relationships.
  • Preferably an avid analytical thinker with hands-on familiarity with Data Analytics & Engineering.
  • Ability to dive deep into the details of the business, both from company’s and client’s side.


What now

By now you have figured out that our company culture is little different and if you are driven, motivated you might the one. If you are determined enough and keen to swipe right on us, you will define your role and you will, likely, wear more than one hat. If you are keen, drop us a note at  and let’s see if we match!