CCS Disrupts Market with Data-Driven Product

CCS launches its first Data-Driven Product

CCS operates in central Europe and is the dominant provider of services related to corporate fleet management and fuel spending management for companies of all sizes, ranging from small businesses to large enterprise, as well as government organisations.

The key advantage is the dense network of partnering gas stations, which virtually covers 100% of the market in Czech republic and major part of the Slovakian market as well. Historically, the fuel spending management program was the core of the business model.


Technological progress, advances in the range of services associated with credit cards and especially rise of loyalty programs designed by dominant gas station chains caused significant changes in customer behaviour. Additional pressure on the market and increased price sensitivity were created by the economic trends of the last decade.

These circumstances led previous general manager Philip Staehlein to start considering new ways to create new differentiation points from its new competitors. CCS knew they have lots of interesting data at their disposal and wanted to create a single touch point for their customers, where they could manage and optimise their fuel cost and ultimately save money.

Only six months after starting to work with Keboola, CCS received great recognition of their efforts by being listed in the TOP 10 of annual internet awards in ‘Data-Driven Project’ category alongside some of the most ambitious central European start-ups. When comparing the resources invested in this project, we consider this an incredible success. However we know shiny awards don’t make for good ROI, so let’s get into it.


Current Challenge

“Our industry became extremely competitive in recent years. This has an impact on both our existing and potential new customers, who are constantly being presented with very aggressive offers by our competitors. They are being lured by rather high discounts on per liter prices in exchange for loyalty pledge to limited network of given provider,” says CFO Tomas Cervinka.

“We were deeply convinced that offers like these were to customers’ disadvantage, not only for the discomfort of having to refill in limited network of gas stations but mainly because of much higher prices per unit than market average, where even with significant discount, customer doesn’t reach the expected savings.”

The CCS team knew they had data to prove this, but it was particularly frustrating because their analytical team at that time was, due to largely manual process, only able to accommodate tiny part of the incoming requests by the sales teams and customers who, in time, started demanding more detailed cost benefit analysis of their services.

Keboola in the game

Over the period of one year, CCS was considering establishing their own in-house BI team but lack of expertise and questions around the right technology choices and long delivery times were slowing down the decision process and executive action. “We were worried the project will take over a year and will become cost prohibitive,” says CFO Tomas Cervinka. “In the end, working with Keboola proved quite the opposite. Key reports were set up within two weeks and the whole system was fully automated and tested in a few short months.”

The tangible result of this exercise was to provide not only selected few but every sales person and account manager with reports which interpret cost analysis of spending for both existing and prospective customers of CCS compared to their competitor. This becomes incredibly valuable asset proving the value added of their services.

Turning point — CCS enables clients through analytics

“Using Keboola Data Integration and Analytics platform drastically changed our approach to customer retention and acquisition, which is of course the bottom line of our business,” says Cervinka and while previously their sales reps had to wait up to two weeks for their ad-hoc requests, the reality of today is that every single one of them has their data easily ready to present reports near real time with zero manual work required.

The results were so surprising and the benefit so apparent that CCS decided to create its own data-driven product. “With this system in place, we are able to predict the most cost effective gas stations on routes frequented by client’s employees and prepare for them the list of individually recommended stations. The savings calculated by CCS Smart Tank app were up to 20 cents on dollar!”


The Results

In six months’ time, Keboola built for CCS custom Business Intelligence project to support its sales strategy execution. Thanks to exact, trustworthy data delivered the same day, CCS sales team is able to articulate benefits of services it provides.

To us, the most rewarding element was freeing up smart internal CCS analyst team by processes automation and observing how this additional bandwidth allowed them to create their own data-driven application Smart Tank which received recognition in the industry as an interesting innovation.