With Keboola Connection data integration platform, you can – in a few simple steps – safely connect, store, transform and augment all your business data sources. Keboola Connection allows you to visualise and distribute your insights anywhere you like and enables you to set up and automate the whole data flow.

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Head of I.T.


Data infrastructure. Managing our own ETL system is not efficient. Every time one of the key systems changes API, we will also need to update our system . Rewriting scripts and process workarounds is not sustainable.


Distribution. Allowing the right people to leverage the right data we have is impossible to manage. We are mainly demand-driven.


Human factor is not 100% reliable and mistake-free. The whole data management and flow is not transparent enough and prone to errors.

Data scientist


Disjointed data. Saves us the hassle of organising disjointed data and gives us more time to develop new hypothesis.


Data hygiene. No more time wasted on trying to fix the never-ending data quality issues.


Iteration speed. Preparing and implementing new algorithms is ineffective and their iteration is time-consuming.

Marketing manager


Data overload. We deal with too many data sources and data types. Consolidating everything for our final report takes full-time resource hours.


Not enough time. New campaigns start before we finish evaluating the ones before, we wish there were more hours in a day.


Offline vs. Online. How do we find the link?


Attribution. How do we allocate budgets?


The purpose of our system is to provide an agile and scalable data integration framework.

In Keboola Connection, you can – in a few simple steps – safely connect, store, transform and augment all your business data sources.

Visualise and distribute your insights anywhere you like. Set up the whole data flow and automate it.

Our system is built with an open source mindset. This makes Keboola Connection completely extensible by third parties, as demonstrated by data science applications. 

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